Final Bracket Below
Congratulations to The Gay Agenda!

See full size bracket here.

In each round two teams will be matched upand film a new 90 second improvised scene and challenge from Humans Being Card Game. Best scene advances to the next round to compete against another winning team. See full Rules and Terms & Conditions here.

Raising Arizona
JaxN Reed
(AZ, Torch)
Jacque Arend Stacey Hanlon
Karen Summerton Paul Valenti
Gray C
(CA, Groundlings)
Cat Miggs Grace Leiper
Tom Brady
(CA, Endgames)
Leila Carrillo Conor Allen
Schacottha & Jarreau
(NY, Magnet)
Shacottha Fields Jarreau Carrillo
3rd Most Handsome
(AZ, Torch)
Franny Sharpe Nikki Stevens
Half Spectrum
(CO, Voodoo Comedy)
Shanelle Hughes Saladin Thomas
(NY, Indie)
Talia Heller Hilton Dresden
Murder Fairy & Arson Leperchaun
(UT, Midvale Performing Arts)
Michael Haycock Jesse Markus
The Gay Agenda (Champions)
(MI, Planet Ant)
Anthony Douglas Sam Meier
This is Spinal Tap
Sparkle Motion
(CA, Westside Comedy)
Ryan Hernandez Ami Clover
Big B’s in Bikinis (2nd Runner Up)
(NY, Magnet)
Maryann Menzies Jennette Cronk
Verizon Qwest
(AZ, Torch)
Marisol Chaves Jose Gonzalez
Now Are the Foxes
(NC, Queen City Comedy)
Cale Evans Lance Headstrong
(NY, Magnet)
Justin Anderson Sarah Poirier
Holly Mandel & Michael Goldfried
(NY, Improvolution)
Holly Mandel Michael Goldfried
The Mendillo Boys
(RI, Providence Improv Guild )
Nick Mendillo Andy Mendillo
(NY, Indie)
Sarah Hewitt Charlie Shulman
Bake Parts
(WA, The Pocket)
Ezra Parter Adam Baker
The Melanin Brief
(CT, Bushnell)
Timothy Fraylon Yashica Cuffie
The Goonies
(NY, Indie, Magnet)
Sean Taylor Robin Rothman
(CA, Finest City)
Joe Partynski Seamus Scanlan
YES chANDler
(OR, Curious Comedy)
Nate Smith Chandler Smith
(AZ, Third Story)
Gretchen Wirges Ally Tanzillo
The Hardy Boys
(CA, Finest City)
Kat Brown Jesse Suphan
Ritt Barrborn
(Ontario, Improv Embassy)
Rich Hilborn Matt Barrow
Jaa !mproteater
(Estonia, Jaa !mproteater)
Rahel Otsa Siret Tuula
Too Real
(CA, The Clubhouse)
Jonathan Blake Nonie Kimpitak
Murray’s Bagels Improv
(MO Multiple)
Linda Marie Williams Taylor John Adams
Genetic Freaks
(NY PIT/UCB/Magnet)
Frank Angelini George Fernandez
Tall Flat White
Dan Oliver Allan Eakin
David & Monica
David Escobedo Monica Escobedo
Beat The Band
(NY UCB/Magnet)
Will Moritz Parker Phinney
Sticky by Nature
(CA Finest City)
William Strube Aaron Turcios
Mitch & Friend
(CA End Games)
Treyce Meredith Nicole Anastas
Yacht Rock
(IL Indie)
Carlos Rivera Justin Parlette
(CA The Clubhouse)
Bonnie He Ashley Trott
Bingewatch (1st Runner Up)
(CA Indie, Leela)
Diana Brown Dan Wilson